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About Us


Amerisewn is the stitched product division of Desmark Industries based in Cranston, Rhode Island. Founder John Caito lll has been creating products for consumer, military, medical and industrial customers for over 35 years, meeting some of the most complex design and manufacturing challenges. He has focused his mission to develop products that demand innovative solutions and superior craftsmanship using materials including textiles, foams and gels. From concept to use in the field, every detail is considered along the way to deliver some of the best products in the world.


Caito has cultivated a loyal team, harnessing a scope of expertise, talent and knowledge. The supportive and collaborative work environment is evident in the longevity of the workforce, some 10 years or more. By cross-training, empowering team leaders – even implementing an ESL program – Caito invests in both enriching his team and learning from them as well.


Made in Rhode Island, USA

35 years experience

Stable and loyal workforce

Strong vendor relationships

Extensive material knowledgebase

Handcrafted quality with attention to detail

Dedicated problem solving

Diverse background in manufacturing processes and technologies


Amerisewn, the stitched product division of Desmark Industries, combines the technical properties of highly advanced engineered materials and integrates them into products that demand superior craftsmanship.

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