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At Amerisewn, products are designed using our clients’ specific experience, knowledge and insight. We begin by asking questions to understand product goals, functional requirements, and environmental challenges faced by the end-user. With wearables, we address physiology and movement with a focused understanding of the human body. We identify the most advanced performance materials using our expansive network built over decades. With internal testing and partners’ input, we make prototypes, continuously improve design & performance, and assure efficient manufacturing.


Our team is cross-trained in processes and product lines, which keeps them agile and knowledgeable. Long-term and dedicated, they know their stuff, and our system of accountability assures the highest quality. Manufacturing very complex products in heavy-duty materials, our skilled team delivers the level of excellence that our clients require.

We take pride in our ability to execute products from start to finish in house. Combining heavy-duty sewing machines and assembly equipment with some of the most advanced automated sewing technologies, we create a balance of human skill and high-tech manufacturing efficiency.


With 35+ years of experience in sourcing materials, developing products for specialty markets, and successfully making complex products manufacturable, Amerisewn will guide your product through the entire development process, or any particular step you need help with. We can review a product design, support your success with market viability studies, identify & source materials, and set you up to manufacture – even if it isn’t in our wheelhouse. Sometimes your plan includes manufacturing overseas – we will help assure your success in planning, patterning, and even identifying a factory that will excel on your behalf.

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